We make Kids education easier & Fun

Fairyland is one of the most modern Pre-School of Ahmedabad with excellent infrastructure facilities for children to feel true, happy, and excited about, our well trained teachers and expert management staff impart quality education. Here state of the art training system enhances child's comprehensive growth. Innovative curriculum, creative learning aids, books & loving care creates an environment where learning is fun. Our education system inspires interest, develops clarity of concepts and provides stress free learning for tender minds to bloom, grow and excel.

Our Vision

We at Fairyland Preschool believe that making of great men begins right from their childhood days. The way the children have been nurtured at this tender stage of life can decide the course of life in years ahead. We wish to lay the foundation stone of future leaders, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs at the age where cognitive progress is latent and brain growth occurs most rapidly. We aim to shape the thoughts and ideas of toddler to enhance his curiosity and creativity without keeping fear of making mistakes or failures. We also aim to impart moral values to young minds and subtly develop a sense of pride for Indian culture and traditions. Ultimately, our aim dictates us to prepare individuals who would serve our nation selflessly and take it greater heights.

Our Mission

Fairyland Preschool believes that every child is an angel and they are like blank sheets which can be written to do good deeds in the world. We provide them learning with fun and frolic in a conducive environment which would trigger the emotions that instils in them optimism and kindness. We strive to kindle a cognition about language and counting through various unique games and fun driven tasks. We provide them education that should ultimately prove instrumental in turning them into strong individuals of tomorrow.

Directors Message

Welcome! We are Fairyland, a pre-school with a difference. Fairyland is a place where kids can find the right environment for their growth and development. Our pre-school comes alive with the zest and creativity of children who literally come to the land of little fairies, where they can find company and friendship amidst the right surroundings for learning, knowledge, and education.

We are a pre-school that plays a balancing role in today's hectic life, while simultaneously preparing kids for the 21st century. Fairyland understands that at such tender ages, learning can be provided only in a fun and play environment, making your child feel at home away from home.

Fairyland believes that providing children the right upbringing right from childhood can make a huge positive difference to their lives. Today, parents choose Fairyland pre-school to provide the pillars and the foundation to their lives ahead. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-trained teachers enable your child to comprehend the world around and take the necessary first steps in life.

At Fairyland, we imbibe in your child the confidence, curiosity, and poise to spur their inner development. We help them to take the first steps in the immediate world that surrounds them, giving them the proper attention and care that matches the love and affection your kids would receive at home.

Our preschool is a community of likeminded people that work towards a common cause of bringing up your child with ample commitment and dedication to cope up in a dynamic society that is being constantly subjected to change. We will help your child begin their journey of life by providing them the right ideals and values coupled with the right education to enable them to step out into the wider world.

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

We live in a world of profound change, which affects our roles as mothers and fathers in our daily lives. In a scenario where change is inevitable, this transformation can be witnessed in our children, who are the torch bearers of the generations to come.

We can successful as a society and as individual role bearers, only if we are able to correctly mould our kids and prepare them for the years that are to unfold. Fairyland is a pre-school that stresses on setting the foundations and the pillars on which our children seek support, so that they emerge as shining examples and good citizens in the future.

Keeping this vision in mind, we wish to welcome you to Fairyland pre-school. This is where your child will learn the first steps of their life and discover many paths that are full of fun and learning.

A day in your child's life at Fairyland can be quite challenging, yet full of zest and joy. We will ensure our complete support to your child to develop their talents and skills to the fullest potential.

You child will develop a strong sense of belonging and feel a part of the school community with excellence and distinction. Our goal will be to help the young citizens of today's society contribute positively to the growth and development of the modern world. We will use the best curriculum designed for these young minds to develop their ability and cognition skills in a positive manner.

If you have any query or further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to answer your doubts or reservations to your complete satisfaction.